A project without borders

“"Tribe is a living snapshot of today's world"”

originsof the project

Over 5 million children throughout the world sleep or have slept in a Gautier bedroom. Along with the photographer and filmmaker John T, we went to meet them to learn more about their everyday lives, personalities, culture, hopes and dreams via one single location: their bedroom.

We wanted to share this unique journey with as many people as possible via this site as well as on social networks, but above all our aim is to continue by enabling each and every person to contribute to this living portrait of a worldwide tribe.

  • “"Tribe is a project that will evolve and change, just like a child's bedroom."”

a child’s bedrooma common denominator

Wherever we are in the world, whatever our cultures and lifestyles, a child’s bedroom is always a place associated with privacy. It’s a safe place to hide away, share with friends, develop and grow, work, play, rest and explore.

The bedroom we grew up in and where our children grow up instantly conjures up a whole host of memories. With no need for words, it tells the story of who we are and reveals our hopes and dreams.

Jeanne Michelle connue

gautier the pioner

Patrice Gautier, founder of Gautier furniture, grasped the concept as early as 1960. He was the first to show an interest:

“Since today’s girls and boys have their own clear opinions on fashion, music, language and more, why should they continue to be surrounded by outdated décor? Why hasn’t a new aesthetic been found by setting foot in their lives? Why shouldn’t kids have furniture designed just for them?”

In many ways, he was the pioneer of this project.

John T,the privileged witness of an entire generation

Curious, passionate, keen to meet new people and explore their worlds, a collaboration with the young artist John T. was an obvious choice. Won over by his work as well as his personality, we suggested he continued with his journey having already spent five years criss-crossing the planet for his ‘My room, portrait of a generation’ project

Art meets documentary

This unique, colourful and mindful concept that’s bursting with positivity explores the variety of habitats and cultural differences that make up our planet.  He states: “As I met with so many people who threw open their doors to me and introduced me to such diverse cultures, I had the opportunity to be a truly privileged witness to this ever-changing world. Day after day, this project gained its own sense of self and purpose that now goes beyond the simple notion of a journey. These photos will become increasingly valuable over time, and will hopefully become a treasured record for anyone interested in how we used to live.”

  • “"Tribe is a project that will evolve and change, just like a child's bedroom."”

This truly unique camera angle was one of the key features of my now famous 'My Room' project. A collection of 1,000 photographs of young people from his generation (born in the 1980s and 1990s), immortalised in their very own space at home.